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Boho Chic Looks: Four Essentials You Must Have for Your Bohemian Vintage Clothes Closet

Lygia Dewit

Bohemian Boho style represents atypical area of dressing and to be bejeweled in a specific material. You can be an innovator but can't rely solely in your creativity if you have reached the boho style icons. This style represented by the artists in the recent past as it's all about what they think and comes around. So, this style is a mirror of your inner personality.
You must have these five basic essentials in your boho chic closet for your spring.

Bohemian Vintage Boho Long Skirts

We remember in movies of late 2005, we have seen different movies in boho style attire whether it's a garden long skirts of women or cowboy hat with long hair of men. Long skirts are also essential when you want to add bohemian look in your personality. You can go for earthy and warm shades of blues, greens and browns with a top of pastels of those color. Skirts could be in floral or abstract prints or most probably in the lace material.

A Good Piece of Boho Style Jewelry

Your hand must be full of charms and bracelets. Multi -layered bracelets are the best choice to fill your hands. This is another essential which you must have in your boho closet this spring. Choose beads, pearls, leather bands as a priority for your hands as we have seen in the magazines. You can also make your own style statements by carrying different color of bangles, the ultimate reason is to fill the space and show that your personality is occupied by your own.

Boho, Bohemian, Hippie Style Ankle or Long Boots

The sandals could be another option; however, ankle boots work best to portray the actual image of bohemian. It’s no secret that we love boots and drooling over these boots nowadays. Country- bohemian style is in the air and all we have to do is to bring some boots to our closet for a casual chic look.

Fringe Cross Body Bags

Leather or suede fringed cross body bag inessentials for a boho chic look. As we talked about the details you would have along with the patterned outfit and accessories is the best way to look more free soul with full of life. There should be no empty place in your whole attire and that's what we call it as boho casual style. We must know that boho country style is not about anything formal but only casual.

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