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Boho Dressing Tips: How to Give Edgy Look with Boho Chic Clothing

Lygia Dewit

Boho Dressing Tips: How to Give an Edgy Look with Boho Chic Clothing

Boho is formally known as bohemian which is considered a fashion art of wearing clothes that are retro chic hippie type and full of art.  Anyone considered a bohemian clothing lover is also considered a free thinker. If you are a free soul and want to do anything without worrying about anything you are typically a boho or bohemian type of person and this could potentially be your style.  Bohemian style represents how perfect you can carry yourself even if you are wearing an entirely loose outfit along with hanging bracelets tassel earing, big elephant or onyx rings on every finger along with flowers in your hair and awesome sandals or boots.   
Boho style rocks and its back yet again with same hippie era style of the mid to late 2000's.  People have a misconception when it comes to boho and bohemian clothing jewelry and accessories.  If you are boho you are willing to wear anything in loose cut flowing above the knee maybe sleeveless along with heavy jewelry and lots of it.  Below you will find some important tips about boho bohemian chic clothes and trends for the upcoming season.
Try not to wear to many "flared or flowing" items at one time at the same time.

This is not considered boh or bohemian.  Please don't get us wrong flowing and flared is definitely a boho look however you don't want to wear a flowing shirt with a flowing skirt and flowing scarf.  Try one fashion boho item at a time and gradually add it to your boho closet. You will find out and figure out that you will love the patterns of boho retro chic vintage clothing and fashion and might find yourself filling your closet with more and more items.  Make sure you wear according to your body posture and height. If you'll wear so many long flared shawls and drapes, it will make you look short and shallow at the same time. Bringing the light feel to your body and soul is the right way to adopt a boho style. 

Choose color according to boho pattern

Choosing too bright colors is not sufficient and will not complement the bohemian style at all.  Boho style is something about earthy warm colors like dark and olive greens, browns and blues, off white etc. You can go for pastel tones of these colors if you want to make your own style statement. Make sure vibrant colors are not the right option.

Find retro/vintage jewelry instead modern

This one gives the best overall look to your boho representation. If you want to adopt this fashion, you may open the closet of your mother to find old jewelry pieces which goes perfectly with your dress. You can also add lace jewelry in your spring closet for giving the princess diaries feel to your outfit. Bohemian is all about wearing anything with detail while considering the fact of being a free thinker.   Follow the Boho-Chic queens in recent past.

Going ethnic is another way to present yourself as a boho-chic

You may follow the bohemian queens from the recent past and particularly a KATE MOSS, who started this concept of a free bird and loose cut line dresses. Remember to avoid being a total copy-cat. You're not trying to look like the next Kate Moss! Besides, not everything we see on celebrities and models will look good on us.

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