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What's New & Trending in Boho Chic, Vintage, Bohemian Retro Style & Fashion

Lygia Dewit

What’s New in Boho Fashion?

So what if the temperatures are starting to plummet? In our world, it’s always summer – a bohemian boho chic summer, that is. You know, lightweight, free-flowing fabrics in bright sunny colors reminiscent of hot August days spent under the sun.

Sure, we may be knee deep in fall fashion season, but our bohemian, vintage, retro boho chic style sensibilities are working all year round. Take your inspiration from bohemian style darlings like Vanessa Hudgens, Alessandra Ambrosio and Sienna Miller – fashion icons with that cool boho, bohemian, vintage, retro, hippie style vibe no matter what the season.

Want your share of the happiest Boho Fun Style Trend Out there? These are the latest Bohemian, Boho Chic, Vintage, Retro, Hippie styles from the wonderful world of Boho.

It’s all about the Fringe

This season is all about combining styles from the past such as the 1970's boho, hippie, vintage style retro look and the present to creating a look that’s entirely your own by combining both era's however making it fun, entertaining and personable. Think cropped tees from the 70s adorned with your favorite band’s logo matched with a cute suede mini skirt fringed with tassels. The finishing touch? A sprinkling of c’est la vie to make this your most bohemian stylish season yet.

It’s the Little Things that Count

Nothing says bohemian boho chic quite like bold, brazen vintage style accessories. You know the ones – chunky metallic arm cuffs, shiny stacked bracelets and fingers full of colorful gemstones. Channel your inner Lana Del Rey and adopt the more is more styling philosophy… that’s what boho is all about.

For the more romantic at heart, bohemian can be soft and girly too. How about rounding off a frilly lace dress with a vintage pendant in classic Victorian style? This style can be sweetly sentimental, especially when worn with delicate and fine boho chic fashion pieces. Go for elegantly stacked cool retro style simple rings in soft rose gold for a look that’s classically bohemian and oh so boho chic.

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