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About Us | Fun With Fashion

You can have so much fun with fashion and as a girl who likes to have fun and laugh and stay on top of trendy current styles by watching celebrities on the red carpet show off their savvy looks, visiting NYC where my family is from, staying on top of current trends, visiting countries, constantly reading and connecting about the fashion and accessories market.  I decided to open online to help women and consumers of all ages love the way they look and feel.  When you put on that outfit in the morning and it's all by itself you feel "OK" but when you top it off with a bangle bracelet or a gorgeous necklace or earrings, a beautiful handbag some awesome shoes Woah!  You just took the way you look and feel to an entirely different level.  You feel "HOT" from the minute you put that first piece of accessory on or it could even be a charm that your kids gave you for your birthday or Mothers Day or any other gift giving day.  There is just something about it that gives you that feeling of WOW I'm hot check me out!  Not everyone loves the Kardashians but I saw Kourtney Kardashian on the red carpet talking about how she loves boho bohemian type outfits and has tons of hippie, retro, vintage type boho clothing items in her closet and so do her Kardashian sisters.  Her younger sisters love to go boho and love to go to bohemian type festival parties. This actually helped to inspire me to open this FunWithFashion boutique.  At the end of the day it's really about looking good and feeling good so you can take care of yourself and your family as a Kourtney Kardashian was quoted as saying.  Let  help you find crazy fun hippie, boho, vintage, retro, boho, bohemian type of outfits.  We can be your pre-party you will have fun trying on different boho clothing, boho jewelry and boho accessories. I can guarantee that you will look in the mirror and wink and smile at yourself!! Have Fun Shopping at our Bohemian Vintage Clothing & Accessory Boutique.  Enjoy!